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About Beta Access 

Passio is currently offering access to the Beta version of the iPhone App via TestFlight.

You will be able to track food, see nutritional information, and test Passio's real-time recognition UX.

We designed the beta app to show the core capabilities of Passio's recognition and UX technology and to help you experience some of the unique benefits of what Passio can bring into your applications and products.

Passio Nutrition Tracking Demo 

Installing the Beta App 

Please follow the instructions below to install the app. 

  1. Download and install TestFlight from the App Store (Link to TestFlight)

  2. From your iPhone, follow the link you receive from us via email. 

  3. The link will lead you to the app in TestFlight and you can download it with one click.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions in the app to register.

  5. Enjoy using our beta and please share your feedback.   

If you experience any challenges with the installation, please contact us at


Tracking Your First Meal 

Image Tracking

  1. The app starts in the recognition mode. By pointing at food items you will see what the app thinks the foods are. 

  2. If you're satisfied with the recognition result, swipe the food to the right to log it (you can always edit it later)

  3. If you would like to edit amounts or select alternatives, tap on the food or anywhere on the screen to go into the edit mode.

  4. For foods like burgers, teas, salads etc., you can see additional options (e.g., cheeseburger, green tea, etc.) in the edit mode.


Voice and Manual Tracking

  1. If the food is not recognized, or you simply want to log the food manually, you can tap on the search icon (to the right from the mic icon) to go into the manual recording mode.

  2. You can also log your meal with voice by tapping on the mic icon. To log your meal in the voice mode, you can say phrases like:

  • Add coffee and sugar to my snack.

  • Record one bagel and one cup of coffee.

  • I had broccoli, beef steak and pasta for dinner  


Reviewing Your Food Logs

  1. By tapping on My Log tab you can get into the food log screen. 

  2. In the My Log view, you can review, delete and edit your foods, including food amounts, by swiping left on each food item.

  3. You can also see nutrition for your day and individual meals.

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