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Make meal logging easier with Meal Scan

Meal Scan is new visual technology that acts just like your eyes, and makes food logging so much easier! Dazzle your friends by capturing your meals without needing to type a single word.


Meal Scan automatically recognizes thousands of foods and ingredients in real time, and provides uses with a faster and more engaging way to track foods and empower user's nutrition journey.

Real-Time, Keyboardless Meal Tracking


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Get the most out of Meal Scan

On behalf of MyFitnessPal, Passio has provided a series of videos explaining some best practices and helpful tips when logging your meals. Happy Tracking!


Keep your phone moving

For better recognition, steadily adjust the distance and angle of your device while scanning.

Scanning full meals

If there are several items on your dinner plate, scan them one by one.


Packaged products

If a packaged food is sealed, scan the whole package. For example, a bag of chips or a nutrition bar.

If making a salad for example, lay out and scan each individual component before assembling it.

Lay out recipe ingredients

Closest matching alternatives

Recognition results are presented with a list of swappable alternatives. For instance, a green apple will show a list of other types of apples.

Editing serving size


Easily adjust the serving size by tapping on any of the recognized items to view the nutrition information.

Suggest food items for MFP

Use the Submit Suggestions feature to help improve Meal Scan’s recognition by submitting screenshot for less common items.

What you can’t scan

Currently, grocery store and restaurant receipts, website recipes, and cookbook pages can’t be scanned.

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