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Over 3,000 foods visually recognized, aligned with a

nutrition database that exceeds the USDA

Deep Domain Edge-AI 

Nutrition-AI Solves the #1 Customer Complaint with Logging Meals.

With an average of two minutes to enter a logged meal with text, Passio Nutrition-AI reduces this to mere seconds.


Recognition of Packaged Products

Passio's Nutrition-AI SDK includes the ability to recognize branded foods, such as Starbucks, and packaged products, such as Green Giant, via OCR, UPC and Passio's Nutrition Label Scanner.

Logo Recognition

We support recognition of hundreds of food-related brands and logos; facilitating food logging, automated ecommerce, retail shopping and marketing applications. 

UPC Codes

Barcode scanning is a must-have feature for nutrition tracking. But Passio's Nutrition-AI SDK goes far beyond by simultaneously integrating over 800K UPC and recognition of raw foods into one seamless experience. 

Nutrition Labels

Passio developed a highly accurate nutrition label scanner that gives your users a new way of logging ingredients, macro and micro nutrients, and collecting insights about foods and products. 

Learn how our technology can help your business.

Key Features Under Development 

Amount Estimation

We are researching volume estimation technology designed to enable the estimation of food amounts and anticipate adding amount estimation in future products.

Improved Accuracy

We are working on models that use location, user and time data to improve recognition accuracy and enable fast recording of foods. 

Real-time recognition

Passio's food recognition runs on-device in real-time providing unique user experience and enabling effortless nutrition tracking and real-time insights. 

Seamless integration

Our platform is designed for seamless integration with enterprise products via APIs & SDKs, and we look forward to supporting you with integration and customization efforts.

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Experience the speed and accuracy of the leading food recognition AI platform.

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