We can help your company transform your products with
food recognition & nutrition intelligence

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Custom Models Via API & SDK 

Data inspection
& cleanup

Training of custom
models to fit your needs

Data collection based
on your exact needs

Data tagging &
dataset development

Mobile SDK or cloud APIs
for effortless integration


Add visual intelligence to optimize cook times, minimize food waste, and enhance safety. 


Cooking Intelligence

Computer vision assisted cook times optimize when food is done perfectly, and can enhance safety features by recognizing boiling water, oil spatter and even fires.

Inventory Management

Visually track packaged food items in a refrigerator or pantry to optimize when to order and even freshness dates.

Food Waste

Identify soil residue types to ensure the proper cycle for dishwashers, and sort trash properly.

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Add augmented reality to Passio's core AI to visualize home remodeling planning, shopping, and installation.

AR Meets AI

Computer vision enhanced by AI visualizes home remodel appearance options, and focuses the end user shopping experience resulting in optimal

e-commerce transaction.

Repair Guide

Identify and properly repair abnormalities when remodeling, such as cracks, efflorescence,  mold, and other problems.

Installation Guide

AR and AI assisted experience to ensure proper steps are taken throughout the installation process.

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The worlds most accurate and comprehensive visual food recognition platform, with the detection of over 3,000 foods.


Custom Recognition

To meet your needs, our SDKs can be adjusted to recognize foods, cookware, kitchen appliances, and much more.

Amount Estimation R&D

Our team is actively working on amount estimation R&D and looking for technology partners.

Custom Models

We are developing new types of models and recognition solutions including food detection for multiple foods and segmentations.

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Experience the speed and accuracy of the leading food recognition AI platform.

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