Passio's Master Plan for building the world of intelligent nutrition

June 1, 2017


Dmitriy R. Starson, Co-Founder, President & CEO


Our mission with starting Passio is to empower companies and people around the world with game-changing tools for improving nutrition, health and performance. Today, for the majority of people, nutrition is still a black box full of unknowns and misconceptions. We know that millions of people want to eat healthier and select foods that give us more energy, vitality and enjoyment, but in most cases we don’t know what foods and nutrients our bodies really need, what foods are the most aligned with our goals, needs and desires.


At Passio we are committed to changing the status quo and creating a platform which would allow millions of people to effortlessly track, understand and enrich their diets. Our team is focused on building a SaaS platform for intelligent nutrition and we are inspired by the vision of the future where our diets are enjoyable and healthy at the same time, where users of our platform can optimize their lives and reach higher levels of performance and health, and where people no longer need to guess about what nutritional choices are truly best for them.


We started Passio with three important insights about nutrition:

  1. It is extremely hard to track what we eat with today’s tools, 

  2. Even if we are able to track our nutrition, selecting more optimal foods and sticking to our plans is extremely difficult. It is extremely difficult to get reliable, data-driven personalized nutrition advice.

  3. Finally, there are no reliable, functional software tools that would allow integration of nutrition tracking into apps and products that clearly need nutrition tracking. 

At Passio we are building a platform that addresses these issues.


Our starting point is a food recognition API that allows users to seamlessly track their nutrition using the most ubiquitous tool available – our smartphones. Instead of manual entry, Passio’s API will allow users to swipe their phones (and in the future other devices like smart watches and smart glasses) over a plate and our computer vision system would recognize, evaluate and record the foods. We are making this API and SDKs available to companies working on nutrition tracking, wellness, personalized supplements and meals, medical companies and many others. This way we plan on bringing the platform into the hands of millions of people faster and in a much more diverse way. 


Tracking nutrition is only half of the battle. With Passio’s Virtual Personal Nutritional Assistant API we are addressing the second half – making nutrition intelligent, engaging users in a two-way conversation, helping users record their meals and capture invisible ingredients ("Did you add sugar into your coffee?"), and empowering users to enrich their diets and select foods more optimal for their heath and most aligned with their goals. Our platform is designed to ask smart questions, learn about user preferences and help people selecting foods, groceries, supplements, restaurants and cooking practices that will be both fun and healthy. Everyone is unique, we all have different goals and desires and we all can benefit from a personal ultra-intelligent nutritionist who cares about us and works with us every day to make our lives better.


Building the platform for intelligent nutrition will take time. We expect multiple iterations and tests to achieve our mission. Yet, we believe that with Passio’s platform becoming a reality the world will be a much healthier, happier and more productive place! That’s why are looking forward to working with all members of our community, our enterprise customers and individual users they are serving to build our platform one capture, one meal and one person at a time.


We envision three key phases for our development:

  1. Building a food recognition API and working with our early adopters and members of our community to improve the experience of nutrition tracking.

  2. In the next phase, we will introduce insights and release the first implementation of Passio’s Virtual Personal Nutritional Assistant API that will help users to enrich, optimize and improve their diets. VPNA platform will further empower our enterprise customers with unique tools for user interaction and enable new life-changing products. 

  3. With the core platform in place we will iterate the features and work closely with our customers and partners to find answers to the most challenging questions people have about nutrition and to enable a world where people no longer need to guess what foods are good for them and their families, but can reliably select more optimal, healthier, more enriching and enjoyable options. By working together with our enterprise customers we look forward to creating transformative solutions that change the way people think about foods, prepare foods, order foods, select places to eat, achieve their health and performance goals and make their lives healthier and more enjoyable.  

At Passio we believe in the future where people are experiencing food in new and enriching way: we know that foods we eat are completely aligned with our needs, we know that we can enjoy amazing meals that bring us pleasure without compromising our health, and we no longer need to spend time thinking about what products and services are best for us because we have a trusted power assistant on our side. Our team is excited about the world where we can know track and understand our diets without any significant effort, the world where information about nutrition is essentially ambient and where people no longer need to spend time on food journaling or cumbersome logging process, but rather can spend that time sharing their joy with their families and friends while enjoying healthy and delicious meals.


Most of all we are excited about building this platform with a community of visionary partners working on apps and products ranging from nutrition apps to drug development, from grocery stores to health insurance, and from restaurants to cooking robots. We are excited about building a community of users and partners excited about enriching lives, finding ways to improve the lives of millions of people and transform our planet into a healthier, happier and more exiting place.   


Live with Passion!



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