The Future of Food Intelligence

We help businesses add food recognition and nutrition intelligence into

their applications and products.

About Passio

Passio is a machine learning company specializing in on-the-edge machine learning and real-time user interaction & engagement. Our first product is designed to help companies to add real-time food recognition system to their applications and empower their users with tools for seamless food tracking and nutrition insights. 


Grow your business with Passio


Real-Time Food Recognition

Our recognition technology runs on edge devices with real-time speeds and is designed for integration into your apps and products via easy-to-use SDKs.


Transformative UX

We combine on-device recognition with voice interaction to provide you with game-changing UX and user engagement capabilities. 


Integration Made Easy

Our team will work closely with you to make integration of Passio's platform effortless for you and empowering for your customers.

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