Passio can help you empower your users with a fast nutrition

tracking experience and real-time insights

 Unlock the power of nutrition data

Passio Nutrition Platform 

Today, nutrition is a black box

Treatment of diseases, development of medications, biopharmaceutical research, and even weight management are often performed without visibility into nutrition. We are working on a platform to close this gap. Passio is developing enterprise-ready tools for fast nutrition tracking, real-time nutrition insights and engagement.

Technology Platform

Real-Time Recognition

  • Real-time on-device food recognition

  • Recognition of ingredients and complex meals

  • Enabling real-time nutrition insights

  • Unique UX for typing-free meal recording


Multi-Mode User Interaction

  • Meals can be recorded with voice and video

  • Integration support for smart-home devices

  • Customization of the UX to meet your needs


Key Features Under Development 

Amount Estimation

We are researching volume estimation technology designed to enable the estimation of food amounts and anticipate adding amount estimation in future products.

Improved Accuracy

We are working on models that use location, user and time data to improve recognition accuracy and enable fast recording of foods. 

Real-time recognition

Passio's food recognition runs on-device in real-time providing unique user experience and enabling effortless nutrition tracking and real-time insights. 

Seamless integration

Our platform is designed for seamless integration with enterprise products via APIs & SDKs, and we look forward to supporting you with integration and customization efforts.

Experience the speed and accuracy of the leading food recognition AI platform.

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